Is it possible to keep my teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime ?

Yes, with routine dental and preventive care combined with excellent oral hygiene your teeth could last your entire life. Remember schedules and keep your cleaning appointments and floss every day. That will put you in the low risk group for gum disease, the number one reason for tooth loss.

Is dental treatment painful ?

No, when proper techniques are used, most dental care can be extremely comfortable and pain free. We use only the most modern and effective pain control techniques. Additionally, Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) and sedative dentistry are also available for our apprehensive patients where necessary.

What does it mean when my gums bleed when I brush and floss ?

This is a warning sign that gum disease is present and needs to be treated. This is what leads to tooth loss. This may frequently occur in the absence of pain, making it an important first symptom in detecting the disease.

How often should I have my teeth cleaned Professionally ?

The Australian Dental Association and Dental Annex recommends two to four times a year depending upon your history.

Should I buy special "Whitening" toothpastes ?

Save your money! You’ll find the same primary ingredients in almost all toothpastes and they are all “whitening” to some degree. Check the fine print in ads that feature dramatic “before/after” photos – they say that the results are not typical. Also, for some people, “whitening” toothpastes encourage canker sores.
If the “whitening” toothpaste contains fluoride, it will work as well as any other product – removing only superficial stains. Why pay more for minor cosmetic results? The best way to whiten your teeth is the in office most advanced Zoom 3 teeth whitening procedure offered at Dental Annex.

How about the home tooth bleaching kits? Should I use one ?

These kits will produce results only if your teeth are lightly stained and the decision to use them should be carefully considered. The peroxide in these kits is in an unspecified or varied dose. The combination of these factors could lead to uncontrolled exposure to the peroxide which may damage your teeth and or gums.
Due to their limited effectiveness it seems unwise to risk damage. An office monitored program has been determined safe and effective. However you may consult our dentists for further information on teeth whitening.

I want to be sure of fresh breath. Should I use over the counter breath pills ?

Well, they probably won’t hurt you, but it is highly unlikely that they will help. 80% of bad breath comes from the teeth, gums and tongue. Tooth decay, gum disease, bacteria on the tongue and trapped food are the most common causes. Only about 2% of halitosis emanates from the stomach.

Is it easy to schedule an appointment ?

As you can see we are open 7 days and most of our patients are given appointments within a reasonable time period. Emergency patients are seen and treated immediately.

Is the office available for emergency care ?

Yes, our surgery has a dentist on call 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Emergency patients are seen and treated immediately. However, in the unlikely event a dentist does not return your call in a reasonable amount of time then the dentist are busy attending to other emergencies. Your call will be returned at the earliest.

Will I have to be referred to another office for treatment ?

Our Dentists are Highly qualified and trained professionals who can handle most of the complications, however in exceptional circumstances we may have to refer to a specialist for an opinion, review and carry out the necessary procedure where indicated.

Are dental x-rays harmful ?

No, our equipments are state of the art and minimizes patient exposure. We use the most advanced digital X-ray technique. The office follows ADA guidelines as to the frequency of radiographs. X-rays are never automatically taken, the decision is based upon clinical experience.
All our units have filters and we use the fastest film speed possible. Additionally, Strict guidelines and safety procedures are adhered to minimizing your exposure to negligible levels.

Is it possible to make my teeth whiter ?

Yes, Our office offers professional teeth whitening. We have had tremendous success with our in office Zoom teeth whitening program. We have done over 2000+ cases with remarkable success across our locations. The material we provide is safe and effective. Your teeth will look great!

Do I have to have silver fillings ?

No, tooth colored fillings are our treatment of choice. Either direct filled composites or indirect inlays and crowns can be provided in almost all situations. However on occasion, if a silver filling is insisted upon or an absolute necessary, we use the safest material available.

Does my gum have to be blue and have metal show around my cap ?

Metal shows around the necks of porcelain fused to metal crowns. There now are many alternative restorations that do not contain metal including porcelain and composite resin.

Does my partial denture have to have these ugly metal clasps?

Our treatment of choice is the very esthetic all acrylic flexi-partial. These not only look better but feel better as well. Alternatively, dental implants may be a solution to your restorative problems. Time to throw that denture away!

Do I have to wear something that I remove to replace missing teeth ?

In many cases dental implants can eliminate or reduce the need for a removable appliance. Implants are a two stage procedure. The implants are placed in the jaw by our periodontist or by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.
After healing they are just like tooth roots and can be used to support crowns or bridges. This part of the treatment is done here at Dental Annex.